Matte mink nails you’ve got to try this autumn!

New Look Nails

I was skeptical as I would expect anyone to be about nail varnish from a high street clothing store but I found a colour called Sweet Rose and all their nail varnishes are only £2.99 so I thought why not? I also bought their Top & Base Coat. Now I’m not sure if you can get these outside of the UK but don’t stop reading if you’re from elsewhere – our very first giveaway is found at the bottom of this page and it’s worldwide!

I must say, I have never found such quick drying (and when I say drying I mean hand-in-the-purse-to-rummage dry) nail varnish in my life. I painted my nails whilst watching The Big Bang Theory and after one episode was able to carry on normal activities.

Not only was it quick drying but a whole week later I experienced barely any chipping or breakage of the nails, I even had a bath in the week which usually always chips away at my nail varnish – see below!

Week between_edited-1

So, being impressed by the range I decided to go back and get a few more colours and I found they do a Matte Coat, which I used below.

If you’re stuck on what autumnal colour to choose while autumn is still going strong base your colours around neutrals. This is the season I tend to avoid blues and hot pinks and go more ‘earthy’. Deep reds, plum and forest greens are also gorgeous colours which always match with the colours popular this time of year.

Step One: Shaping

File nails to a shape you’re comfortable with – aim to get them all the same length, the varnish will strengthen your nails but if you not good with them long then take them a little shorter.Base Coat

Step Two: Base Coat

Apply the base coat to all nails. I’m so impressed by the New Look base and top coat as by the time i’ve done my other hand my nails are dry and feel stronger.

Grey Coat



Step Three: Colour Coat

Apply two layers of your chosen colour coat, I’ve gone for New Look’s ‘mink’ colour. As I’m doing a matte finish I wanted to try a neutral colour and I got this new colour today.

Matte Coat


Step Four: Top Coat

Apply one layer of the New Look Top & Base coat or the Matte Coat. I’m trying the matte coat today to see how well it worked and well… I think it’s fantastic.

Leave for 5-20 minutes and you’re good to go!


If you’re not sure on a matte coat you can see below the difference. I think a matte coat makes nails feel more subtle and for daily wear I like the feel of a natural nail.


Gloss vs matte_edited-1


As I’m so impressed by the range (and I also now have 100+ likes on Facebook – thank you!) I’m doing a worldwide giveaway of some amazing autumnal colours from the New Look range. To make sure you’re entered like my Facebook page and the post linked here before midnight on bonfire night (Thursday 5th November 2015) and you could be getting the New Look Top & Base Coat, Matte Coat and 3 fantastic colours (Sweet Rose, Magenta and Multicolour Metallic).



Love Georgia x


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