It’s time to put an end to buying the wrong lipstick shades!

Lipstick… It’s a minefield of colours, textures and quality.

If you’re like me then you won’t feel all too confident with going into shops and using their testers on your own lips (I don’t think this is advised anyway).

So you never get a good idea of what you’re buying in to until oh wait you’ve got home and the colour just isn’t right… or the texture is just a bit too glossy…

I think we all need a good colour chart to base our autumn lipsticks on this year and I’ve done just that for all of you!


We’ll get on to colours below so first lets discuss texture… Matte, satin or gloss?!


You can do both! The easy trick with textures is that glossy textures tend to make the colours seem lighter against the skin as they have a shiny texture so you can use this simple method:

If you want gloss: go darker

If you want satin: the colour you like

If you want matte: go lighter



Now this one is a bit tricky, we all want the best quality make-up am i right? Well… it’s not that simple, make-up is expensive and if you like having different colours to choose from you may not have the amount of money needed to purchase all the gorgeous colours out there.

So how can we overcome this… Well the trick is until you’ve found a colour you absolutely love and would die for (not literally!) then you may feel more comfortable trying some cheaper alternatives. I’ve listed my favourite brands below in average price order:

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 23.20.50Revlon – This Super lustrous is super silky! – colour: Pango Peach (£7.99)

The Body Shop – I cannot live without my Lip & Cheek Velvet Stick – colour: Poppy Nude (£12)

Clinique – Beautiful mid-range product – High Impact Lip Colour – colour: Citrus Rose (£18)

MAC Cosmetics – Try: Mineralize Rich Lipstick – colour: Elegant Accent (£21)

NARS – my favourite? The Audacious Lipstick – colour: Bette (£24)


Lipsticks, like all colours, have undertones and popular colours fall anywhere from orange to purple so when choosing your colour in-store pick a colour you like + one darker + one lighter and paste one layer of each on 3 fingers.

As funny as this may look hold each finger over your lips one-by-one to see which shade works best against your cheeks. Where we sometimes go wrong is to base our lipstick colour on the colour of our hand, which tends to be darker than our face due to natural tanning

Now take a look below and start getting some colours in mind for the next time you go lipstick shopping – for extra tips on your skin tone see below!

Fair Skin

Go for: Colours that blush the skin – pinks, cerises and reds

Avoid: Neons/heavily bright colours – they can wash the skin out and make the skin look a bit “pasty”

Tan Skin

To darken skin: Corals, darker pink and reds can make the skin look darker

To lighten skin: Green and purple tones

Olive Skin

Always gorgeous: Orangey reds, raspberry pinks and bold scarlets

Why not try: Bolder colours – neons can be eye-catching

Dark Skin

Matte or gloss: Deep purples, mahogany’s and even blacks

Miss out: baby pinks, almonds and anything that will detract too much from your eyes


I hope this helps, let me know what colours you tend to wear the most in the comments below!
Love Georgia x



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