It’s bonfire night, time to dress like a firework.

Yes, it’s bonfire night here in the UK, time for fireworks, sparklers and all things bright. A reminder that after tonight, christmas is just around the corner so be ahead of the game and get excited for christmas/new year clothing!

If you’re like me then looking like a firework/christmas cracker/tinsel is everything. If you’re not well… my best advice is maybe it’s time to try something new!


Now for anyone who has read my posts before, you know I love, it’s undoubtable the easiest place to shop for clothes on the internet and that’s where we’re heading today.

From ASOS I bring you sequins.

Now I know some of you are now thinking “oh no, not for me…” but try it! It’ll be time for celebrations and make 2015 the time you try something a little more sparkly to go out with a bang.


Peacock shift dress: £120

This dress is beautiful and easy wearing too, I love a shift dress and around christmas time (the time for food!) it’s the perfect shape. There’s not much to say as this dress speaks for itself, the colours, the gold trim, the neckline – it’s perfect.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.41.01


Sequin skater crop dress: £95

This dress is a brilliant idea, one i’ve not thought about before but two dresses in one! Simply remove the top and instantly you’ve got a different look.

Skater shapes, where the sequins are even better, they’ll weigh the skirt down so no wintery windy wardrobe malfunctions!

Skater Dress

Embellished fringe dress: £95

This dress is gorgeous and even though it is bold you can pull it off, so if you like it, try it! Can you honestly say that when you shake you won’t feel great shimmering away?

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.41.55

Little black dress… kind of: £85

This is perfect if you don’t want to try something outrageous but want to feel special this christmas, plus this shape will look gorgeous on anyone.

The sequin pattern creates the look of a disco ball and with 80’s music being as popular as ever it makes this dress ever so trendy.

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.42.10


Ombre embellished sequin dress: £58

Shoulder pads are making a sneaky comeback adding power and confidence to an outfit. This dress is a mix of fantastic colours and the long sleeves are great in the colder weather.

Now at £58 some of you won’t think this is a budget dress but for the sequin embellishment all over this dress believe me that is a good price. (And to look that good? Yes please!)

Screen Shot 2015-11-05 at 20.42.24


I hope you like this firework inspired post. Let me know in the comments!


Love Georgia x

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