Daily Make-up: Making It Easy

I had an anonymous question asking “I want to thin my make-up bag down, what make-up do you use everyday?” and that got me thinking because i’d never actually considered my routine before.

If you read my previous post about the brand I use everyday then you’ll know it’s The Body Shop. I love their products and they don’t feel heavy on my face. Below I have listed the products I use and a list of my routine with some handy tips in there!

Let me know your daily routine in the comments, maybe there’s a product you think I could add to mine!

Makeup collageThere are 9 products and 3 brushes I use daily:

  1. Foundation SPF15 £13 (Shade 03)
  2. All-In-One Face Powder £14 (Shade 04)
  3. Honey Bronzer £13 (Shade 03)
  4. Brow Pencil £9 (Dark Brown)
  5. Eye Shadow Cube Palette £16 (Warm)
  6. Lightening Touch Highlighter £14
  7. Super Volume Mascara £10 (Black)
  8. Lip Liner £8 (Mahogany) I couldn’t find this on their website but they still have them in store
  9. Lip Velvet Stick £12 (Nude)
  10. Brushes: Eyeshadow £9, Blusher £12 and Foundation £12.

On days that i’m in a rush I thin down to 6 products and 2 brushes:

  1. Foundation
  2. Powder
  3. Bronzer
  4. Eyebrow Pencil
  5. Mascara
  6. Velvet Lip Stick

Now for my daily routine, it’s quite basic and probably doesn’t follow all the beauty rules but it takes me 5-10 minutes and I can walk out the door without feeling I’ve spent unnecessary amounts of time just to get ready for work. If you find yourself spending too long in the mornings and want to be out the house quicker (or a longer lie in!) or you’re new to make-up and want to learn some handy basic tips check out my routine below!

Before make-up:

I don’t follow the same moisturising ritual each morning because my skin is quite temperamental and some days I need it some days I don’t. I do find it helps foundation go on smoother so if you don’t use moisturiser at the moment give it a go!

If I do I just use a light dabbing of whatever my latest moisturiser purchase might be. I’ve been given a trial moisturiser that I’m using at the moment (which I will write about at some point).

I think the most important rule with your pre make-up ritual is to respond to how your skin reacts to different products – as unhelpful as this can be, it’s true.

Face BaseStep One: Face Base

I use my foundation brush apply foundation to the following areas using upstrokes:

  • Under eyes
  • Cheek apples
  • Bridge of nose
  • Chin
  • Upper lip
  • Middle of forehead

I don’t like to completely cover my face as my next step is to go over my face with powder – I like a relatively natural look so I don’t take foundation to the edges of my face.

I also take this opportunity to get my hair out of my face!

My face can be quite blotchy when I wake up so I like to give a light coating of powder to my whole face.

Bronzer GuideStep Three: Bronzer

My bronzer usage goes down towards winter (to keep a natural look) so as it’s getting colder and darker outside I apply bronzer to the following places:

  • Either side of nose
  • Cheek Apple (smile whilst applying)
  • Jawline (look up to accentuate your jawline when applying)
  • 1 inch above temple


 Comparison bronzer

Step Four: Eyebrows

My eyebrows are quite thick anyway and I like them that way, so I tend to just neaten them using my pencil but if you want to add more shape to yours use the diagram below to create the most natural brows.


I follow the hair line to create natural strokes under my brows, try not to create block shapes and “perfect” angles!

Eyebrows before and after

Step Five: Eyeshadow

When I do my eyeshadow I like to use mink colours around the inside of the eyelid and dark brown for the outside.

I find the easiest way to create this look is to start with the dark brown and to do the whole eyelid but leaving a rectangular shape on the inside of the eye.

Then I fill the rectangle in with mink colour and blend together.

Eye shadow comparison

Step Six: Highlighter

The highlighter is really easy to use. I simply put a layer under the eye brow and in the inner eye then blend.


highlighter 2

Step Seven: Mascara

For a natural look I just use a few strokes. I also tend to avoid layering on the bottom lashes as I emphasise this for a stronger look.

The trick with mascara is it dries quite quickly so I apply one layer to each then work on each eye separately.


Step Eight: Lips

Start with a liner. I find it easiest to create a stencil you can simply colour in with your lipstick.

Start with creating a cupids bow on your lip line, do this by doing light strokes and slowly building up the colour – do not go in and draw one single thick line, if you make a mistake it’s harder to fix!

lip liner 1

Then I apply the lipstick to the whole lip and blend, The Body Shop chubby lipstick is fantastic and blends so well with the lip liner. Try to match the liner to the stick so you don’t get a strange border around your lips!

lip stick

Finally, it’s done.

Full makeup

I hope this answers your question about my daily make-up routine anonymous questioner! Please take note that I am not a beautician and this is just the method that I find works with me.

Thank you for reading! Let me know your daily routine in the comments below!

Love Georgia x

  1. This is really lovely! A lot of tutorials either cake it on, don’t explain it properly or use expensive brands. This was really helpful!! Xx

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