Everyday make-up using one brand – why make it complicated?

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One of the questions left in my questions box was from someone called Ellie, so… hello Ellie! The question asked was “What makeup brand do you use daily?” and that got my thinking, looking through my make-up bag I realised it’s all the same brand.

Intentionally or not I’ve made my daily make-up routine really easy.

Now I love make-up.

I love trying new things and I really do believe in experimenting with new products.

This does not mean that we cannot have our comfort zones you know that brand where you know their colours, textures and combinations, and how they look and feel on your face.

Make-up nowadays is hard, with every single product we use there are so many different choices, whether you want matte, shiny, glossy, sun-kissed, glowing, illuminating, maximising, volumising… the list goes on and trying to navigate all these options can take a long time and a lot of trial and error because much to the big companies disappointment we don’t all need bigger, bolder and brighter.

Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s fantastic that we can try so many different looks and I will continue impulse buying the wrong products because at some point I’ll find something I just cannot live without (like my NARS lipsticks).

Maybe you’ve found lots of products you love and they’re not all the same brand, for that keep doing your thing! But personally I’ve invested in some of the luxurious brands in hope to use them daily but some of their obsessions with adding moisture to everything doesn’t sit well on my face.

Makeup 2It’s taken me many years, many mistakes and a lot of wasted products to realise the brand I go back to over and over again for my basic everyday products is The Body Shop. They support ethical and sustainable living, are natural (where possible) and at such a good price I feel I can do both the world and my skin some good.

So, I’m happy to be able to walk into The Body Shop and feel comfortable spending 10 minutes picking the items I need knowing whatever it is works and whatever it is will not react badly with my skin.

Do you sometimes feel you spend too long in the mornings or maybe you are having to spend so much money because you’re using a lot of make-up day-in-day-out? Well I’ve created a handy list of my essential items in the order I use them below. If you’re
struggling with your daily make-up routine then try mine!

Makeup collageThere are 9 products and 3 brushes I use daily:

  1. Foundation SPF15 £13 (Shade 03)
  2. All-In-One Face Powder £14 (Shade 04)
  3. Honey Bronzer £13 (Shade 03)
  4. Brow Pencil £9 (Dark Brown)
  5. Eye Shadow Cube Palette £16 (Warm)
  6. Lightening Touch Highlighter £14
  7. Super Volume Mascara £10 (Black)
  8. Lip Liner £8 (Mahogany) I couldn’t find this on their website but they still have them in-store!
  9. Lip Velvet Stick £12 (Nude)
  10. Brushes: Eyeshadow £9Blusher £12 and Foundation £12.

On days that i’m in a rush I thin down to 6 products:

  1. LipsFoundation
  2. Powder
  3. Bronzer
  4. Eyebrow Pencil
  5. Mascara
  6. Velvet Lip Stick

Total cost for 9 products & 3 brushes: £142

EyesNow if you think it is expensive hear me out…

What I love about The Body Shop’s products is that they last so long. You can see below how little has been used from my products which are used on a daily basis.

  • I’ve only ever bought one foundation, highlighter, brow pencil, eyeshadow palette and lip liner
  • I buy my velvet lip stick, Facebronzer and mascara twice a year
  • I buy face powder ever 3-4 months

I keep all my Body Shop make-up in the same bag to keep it clean (and also so I cannot lose it)!

The Body Shop also runs some killer deals, on their make-up range they run a 3 for 2 offer year round so I like to time my purchases to make the most of this (or if I want to treat myself then it’s guilt free)!

Also, the highlighter and eyeshadow palette can be very versatile on days/evenings that you want a bolder look. For products I use everyday it is a good mid-range price.

A huge bonus for me is that my skin reacts very easily to breakouts and becomes oily very quickly, The Body Shop is the first brand which doesn’t leave my face feeling heavy or dirty by the end of the day.


All these products are fantastic and I really do love the natural look which can be created with them. my daily routine is quite basic and probably doesn’t follow all the beauty rules but it takes me 5-10 minutes and I can walk out the door without feeling I’ve spent unnecessary amounts of time just to get ready for work.

If you find yourself spending too long in the mornings and want to be out the house quicker (or a longer lie in!) or you’re new to make-up and want to learn some handy basic tips head to my Daily Make-up: Making It Easy post where I show you how I use all these products.


Thank you for reading and let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if you’re thinking of buying some!


Love Georgia x

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