Questions for Georgia: Short Q’s Answered!

I’ve been loving the questions you’re sending in and I’ve noticed some are quite short and some I’m in the process of writing a post to answer you. So if your question isn’t below then look out for a post answering your question soon!


Question 1: Anna, UK

I’m not allowed to wear makeup to school but I’m suffering from really bad breakouts. I’m really embarrassed and wanted to know what I could do?

Hello Anna, first of all, please understand that your breakouts could be down to many different causes. The most likely case is it’s puberty and that is nothing to be embarrassed about. Everyones skin reacts different during this sensitive period in life but there are steps you can take to keep your skin nice and clean.

One big tip I learnt whilst I was growing up is that if something makes your skin feel squeaky clean then it’s washing away bad and good oils from your skin. This always made my skin go blotchy and red in places so the goal is clean skin that feels fresh but natural.

  • Start each morning with a facial wash and lightly wash – there’s no need to scrub and do not use soap! Try this Simple Face Wash.
  • Follow up with an exfoliator if your skin is having a breakout, on good days exfoliate every 3-4 days. This one by Clean & Clear is oil-free.
  • Apply a spot treatment – I wish I had avoided using so many tea tree treatments when I was a teen because my skin is sensitive, if you find your is too opt for this Freederm Gel.
  • Apply an oil-free moisturiser, only use a small amount. Here’s one by Neutrogena.
  • Apply a primer and a light dusting of pale powder to your face. I know you said you can’t wear make up each day but a very light dusting of a light shade will just mattify any red areas and by avoiding a foundation you shouldn’t look like you have makeup on. Also always remove makeup at the end of the day.


Question 2: Jess, UK

Whenever I use a moisturiser it makes my skin oily, if I don’t then it looks and feels dull. What do I do?

Hello Jess! This can be tricky as everyones skin is different. I have a similar problem to you and I recently trialled the L’Occitane Pivoine Sublime Perfecting Cream. It is fantastic and although expensive is really good for oily skin. You really don’t need to use a lot. If you’re not keen on spending so much trial some oil-free moisturisers first and aim to apply small amounts to oil prone areas like the T-zone and more to the edges of your face.


Question 3: Grace, US

My hair is quite weak and dry. I dye my hair and I know this isn’t good but I don’t like my natural colour and need some help?

Hello Grace, first of all, if you like dying your hair then keep doing it. My only advice in this department is make sure you’re using healthy dyes, if you dye it yourself then this is a little easier to solve by trying some with more nutrients added.

It’s also important to limit the overuse of heat. Spend more time when drying your hair by drying them on a cooler heat. Use straighteners/curlers sparingly the more you can avoid the better! If you need to use heat make sure you apply a heat spray treatment before.

Healthy hair starts at the root. Use a keratin shampoo/conditioner and apply an oil to wet hair. Every now and then apply a protein mask to your hair.

Hair is weak when wet, try to limit brushing if your hair becomes knotty.

You may not like this but it really is important to get your hair cut every 6-8 weeks. My hair has grown about 5 inches since getting it cut regularly!


Question 4: Anonymous

Do I have to apply a base coat when painting my nails?

Yes yes yes. Absolutely Yes! Ever since I’ve been using a base & top coat my nails have lasted days longer.


Question 5: Anonymous

What’s your best advice for someone with weak nails?

Hello Anonymous! My best advice is to follow these simple steps:

  • Never buff nails
  • Take a lot of time to file nails, the smoother the edge the less snagging
  • Moisturise cuticle with moisturiser or oil but don’t push them back
  • If the nails are growing long and still feel thin cut them before they break
  • Try taking cod fish oil supplements
  • Use nail strengtheners not hardeners – try this Sally Hansen Strengthener.
  • Avoid using nail polish directly on the nails, use a strengthener as a base coat.
  • Use a nail varnish remover with added oils. I love this Body Shop Nail Varnish Remover it has sweet almond oil added to it and it feels better than any remover I’ve used before.


If you have any questions you want me to answer submit them here!


I look forward to answering them!


Thank you for all your questions.


Love Georgia x

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